Serving Company

Serving company within the meaning of Art. 18 of the Special Purpose Vehicles Act of "Quantum Developments" REIT is Konfarma AD.
As a servicing company, Konfarma AD carries out the following activities:

• Investigation of the status of real estate and property rights, the absence / presence of burdens, the relevant legal constraints; collecting the necessary documents in order to obtain the fullest possible information and possible preparation of transfer transactions;
• carrying out procedures for changing the purpose of the real estate - property of "Quantum Developments" REIT;
• carrying out preparatory works for concluding contracts for renting, renting and / or selling real estate - property of "Quantum Developments" REIT;
• concluding contracts for renting, renting and / or selling real estates owned by Quantum Developments REIT, control over the execution of these contracts, collection of the remunerations due to them, maintenance of the real estates - subject of the concluded contracts, realization of the their liability in case of non-compliance, including the enforcement of the claims due under the contracts;
• property management - property of "Quantum Developments" REIT;
• creation of financial and economic models and structuring of investment projects in real estates and real rights;
• preparation of prospectuses for public offering of securities;
• preparation of credit claims for investment credits;
• Keeping and keeping accounting and other accounts of "Quantum Developments" REIT;
• preparing the annual financial report and ensuring its certification, as well as preparation of interim financial statements.

Konfarma AD 1700 Sofia 4 Konstantin Petkanov Str Tel: (+ 359 2) 860 10 60 fax: (+ 359 2) 860 20 06

Depository Bank

In accordance with the requirements of Art. 9 of the Special Purpose Vehicles Act, the function of a custodian bank of "Quantum Developments" REIT is performed by Societe Generale Expressbank.
As a depositary bank Societe Generale Expressbank performs the following functions:
• the retention of assets in the form of cash and securities of "Quantum Developments" REIT, issued or guaranteed by the Bulgarian State, as well as other securities, which "Quantum Developments" REIT is entitled to own according to the law and its Articles of Association;
• Execution of payments and operations on the order of "Quantum Developments" REIT on its behalf and on its account in connection with the servicing and administration of its assets in money and securities, up to the amount of the relevant cash on its accounts with the money depository bank and / or securities;
• servicing payments and transactions in the securities transactions of Quantum Developments REIT in connection with the investment of its assets as well as carrying out transactions related to the securities, such as providing information, reports, repayment of interest, principals, etc. . Всичко за Google ПреводачОбщностМобилни устройстваВсичко за GoogleПоверителност и Общи условияПомощИзпращане на отзиви